Release The Kingdom Ministries is engaged in many initiatives that bring people into God’s kingdom by preaching the message of Gospel of Jesus Christ. We go into the youth detention centers and the streets of Houston and beyond.

Our 24 Hour Burns are the highlight of what our ministry is becoming known for however. For 24 hours of non-stop worship and prayer, people from all walks of life, church affiliations, and from different parts of Houston and beyond, they come to get deep into God’s presence through worship and prayer.

When you donate to our organization, we put every dollar back into making these initiatives possible to continue producing Kingdom Results. Those results are touching people’s lives.

Today, would you consider partnering with us to continue reaching the lost and those in need of a touch from God? By doing so, you will get the same credit as if you laid hands on the sick, cast out the demons, and raised the dead back to life.

Please use this donation button to prayerfully donate your offerings and if possible your alms to this great work of the Lord.

We appreciate you, and we pray that God would multiply it back you several times over and over.

Remember, bring your tithes to your church, but your prayers, offerings, and alms we covet to help us continue this work.

Thank you.